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The efergy energy  meter is a wireless smart electricity meter that helps you track how much energy you use, encouraging a reduction in energy while saving money. The smart energy saving meter  gives an accurate reading instantly of how much electricity you are consuming in your home or office.


The efergy energy meter is an excellent educational device. It is easy to use, displays personal energy consumption and increases awareness of important issues related to electricity, energy and the environment. It was seen recently on RTE's 'Living Lightly' TV programme. The meter, supplied by us at ESP, was shown in the context of an educational tool to impress on children the value of saving electricity.


The smart energy meter tells you every 6 seconds how much power you are consuming, how much money this is costing you and an estimate of your personal contribution to climate change in terms of CO2. If you turn a set of lights ON or OFF, you can see INSTANTLY the change this has on your energy use. Once you have this information to hand you, your family, or business, can visually see the benefits of saving energy.

The data is stored daily in an easy to access CPU memory so you can actually see the effects of changing your energy habits. Comparing day-to-day usage gives you direct feedback of how daily changes of habit in energy use can have an effect on costs and estimates the personal contribution to climate change in terms of carbon emissions.

We now stock the new improved 'efergy elite energy meter' model which is even more user friendly and includes an energy efficiency guide booklet.



Elite energy saving meter