How To Use


The new improved elite wireless electricity monitor helps you save money on electricity bills by informing you and helping you to change habits. And this happens almost effortlessly as soon as you start using it. Its portability means that you can walk around your home or office and see the effect of switching an appliance on or off.


The elite energy meter is so easy and intuitive to use it hardly needs any explanation. After the very straightforward installation (see link above), the large, clear, user-friendly LCD display tells you instantly what your electricity usage is. You can choose to display this in kW, cost (Euro, Pounds or Dollars) or estimated CO2 emission. The daily average is also shown.


Push one of the four buttons on the top of the unit and you can get historical information; monthly, weekly and daily. At your fingertips you have all the information you need to measure your progress. Once you can do this in a convenient manner, changes will come about in your usage.


In a Nutshell ...

  • Measure
  • Educate
  • Change Habits
  • Save Money and The Environment 

What People Say...

"I saved the price of the unit within two bills!"

- Joe Murphy , Mayo

"I placed mine near the door and when I am leaving the house I check the reading to see if anything is on before I leave home"

- Mary Bolger, Cork

Elite energy saving meter