The efergy meter works using patented efergy wireless technology to send instant power readings to a wireless monitor.

The wireless monitors comprise of three elements: the sensor, transmitter and display unit. Installation can be carried out quickly and easily without any electrical knowledge.

Getting started

The sensor is clipped onto the feed cable where it enters the electricity meter.

The image to the right shows an efergy sensor clipping over the supply cable. No electrician is required; the sensor is simply clipped around the cable. It is then connected to the battery-powered wireless transmitting unit.

Data collected is then sent to a portable wireless monitor unit which can be moved from room to room.

The amount of electricity being used can be updated as often as every six seconds and displayed on the large LCD screen on the monitor unit in €/hour, kWh, or estimated Kg of carbon dioxide.

Quick Questions

Can the sensor be used on an electricity meter outside the house ?

YES. The device can be clipped onto a meter anywhere within 40 meters of where the display will sit.


Can the meter be used where there is a second tariff such as NightSaver ?


YES. The unit allows the use of two separate tariffs by setting start and end times and cost per unit.


Installation Video

Easy Installation

Installation Diagram