The elite energy meter

The Efergy elite wireless energy monitor is an electricity display device than helps home owners and small business take control and manage their electricity consumption.

Our wireless monitors are simple to use. You will setup the unit and start making savings in less than five minutes with our step by step instructions. The display shows the power usage directly in kilowatts, in cost (Euro, Pounds or Dollars), or estimated environmental impact in kilograms of carbon dioxide. In the home, even young children get involved in learning about energy consumption and making savings.

Because the display unit is wireless, you can bring the unit around the house or office and immediatly see the impact of switching an electrical appliance on or off. An alarm can even be set to alert you with a sound and red light on the base of the unit when the power consumption exceeds a limit that you can set.

What's in the box?

The efergy elite Wireless Electricity Monitor pack comprises three components. There’s an attractive portable display monitor measuring only 107mm x 80mm, a sensor which clips effortlessly to a specific cable beneath the existing electricity meter and the transmitter which wirelessly passes on the information to the monitor.

The pack also includes an energy efficiency guide which has lots of facts, hints and tips on saving energy.


What People Say...

"After about a week my five year old daughter was telling me to switch off lights not in use !"

- Ray O'Brien, Dublin

"I got one as a green present for my husband and he loves it, and we saved so much we had a lovely dinner out on it, thanks"

- Ann Griffin, Cork